Old Lion: Architectural Photography


Processed Magic: the Vague Art of Picture-Book Making

mike curato

processMy friends and family must wonder what I do all day. Sometimes I worry that they’re sick and tired of my only update being ”I’m working on the book. The deadline is end of April.” I’m sure some of them have mental images of me waking up in the morning to a big yawn, hopping into my bunny slippers, eating a muffin (aka breakfast cupcake), brushing my teeth, then sitting at my drafting table and whistling while I work all the live long day. How cute! I wish my life could be like this. I know that I am blessed to have a career doing what I love and working from home, but I wouldn’t say it’s been that easy.

Last night, when I was on the edge of tears after a disastrous affair involving perspective, ice skaters, and historic costumes, I shrank away from my studio and sat across…

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New Treats from Old Berlin

Food with a View


If I ask myself (or if someone else would ask me) what Berlin cuisine is like to me, I would consider it to be open-minded and manifold in the first place. I couldn’t imagine Berlin without that gorgeous mixture of Currywurst and Apple strudel, Banh Mi and Burgers, Felafel and Spätzle, Matze and Soljanka. Historic Old Berlin inn’s treats however are not on my list.

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Ice Water

Cut Out Scene: On Patterns

Histoires à Tiroirs




or a figurecutout
orintendedtobecutoutofits background,


its environment,
orother related material.





...cut out from its environment,
orother related material.












or a figurecutout
orintendedtobecutoutofits background,
its environment,
orother related material.
Did you understand ? 
Look again.

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Cave Art of the Stockholm Metro

Duck Pie

Stockholm has one of the most spectacular subway systems in the world, the T-Bana, which is quite saying something when you consider the marble palaces of Moscow and St. Petersburg, the concrete cathedrals of Washington, and the archaeological ruins of Athens and Mexico City.

The system is billed as the longest art gallery in the world, which, in a certain respect, is hardly unique. Subways have long been a means by which to bring art to the masses: the classic Soviet systems, Montreal, Los Angeles, Munich. But certain stations in Stockholm, primarily along the city’s Blue Line, are singularly spectacular due to the city’s geology. Due to characteristics of the bedrock beneath the watery city, instead of boring, the metro’s stations and tunnels are simply blasted away – oddly fitting in the birthplace of Alfred Nobel. As a result, the system’s stations are grand cavernous spaces not wholly unlike certain…

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Summertime Sadness


When I dream of him, I see him standing at the water’s edge with a peaceful smile on his face. He looks out at the horizon, dressed in his usual khakis and white button-down, not seeming to notice that his pants are wet to the knees. I almost forget that he’s no longer weighed down by the heaviness of living.

All of the other beachgoers completely ignore him. Surely, someone would have noticed a man walking into the ocean fully clothed. I guess it’s more likely he was wearing swim trunks, but I never saw him that way. Always with his business casual uniform and a slight, hidden smile that tugged at the corners of his mouth when he saw me, like he was amused by his own personal joke.

I feel an insect land on my arm and begin to help itself to my blood. My eyes instinctively try…

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